Stovax Stoves

About Stovax

For over three decades, Stovax has been specialising in fireplaces, hearths and – of course - stoves that are both finely crafted and beautiful as well as being highly effective at filling your home with that rich, comforting warmth only a real flame can give.

But, as a leading manufacturer in both the UK and Europe, they are also dedicated to making sure that they only heat up your home and not the planet. As such, all Stovax stoves are designed to be as efficient as possible so that you can enjoy the warmth without worrying about the impact on the environment.


Key technologies

A number of their stove models are wood-burning, which may seem archaic at first, but in fact, wood remains a dependable fuel source capable of heating a space whilst also being both renewable and carbon neutral. Their range of stoves all feature innovative combustion technology that aims to make them as fuel efficient as possible, whether they are powered by gas, electricity or multi-fuel.

When it comes to construction, all of the stoves have been finely crafted out of high-calibre metal so that you can be assured of lasting durability. The exterior of every unit comes finely finished, whether that be in matte paint, high-grade enamel coating or polished bare metal. When you decide to fit a Stovax stove in your kitchen, dining or living room, you can be assured that care and attention to detail has been paid to your stove and that the beauty of it is not just skin deep.

The right product for you!

Stovax technologies allow their products to be use in almost all areas

  • Stovax Airwash System
  • Stovax Cleanburn System
  • Boiler Stoves
  • Smoke Control Areas
  • Ecodesign Compliant

Traditional stoves

Stoves have a long and humble history and have helped keep thousands of families warm through hundreds of winters. With this range of wood-burning, electric and gas-burning stoves, you can benefit from both modern combustion technology whilst still keeping that classic, homely design that a traditional stove offers you. Models such as the Brunel, the Riva Plus and Stockton – to name just a few - offer you tried-and-tested practicality thanks to their ergonomic designs as well as a retro aesthetic, thanks to the stylised detailing of the doors, grates, and main stove body. Available in a range of designs and colours, you’ll be sure to find the right stove to add some traditional charm to your home.


Contemporary stoves

A stove is much more than just a way to heat your home – they can also be a stylish design feature as well. This line-up of contemporary stoves offers you both elegant, modern aesthetics coupled with supreme heating abilities that can blend in seamlessly with any décor. The varied selection of sleek modern designs all share one key feature - large glass windows available in a wide range of dimensions and aspect ratios, allowing you and your guests unparalleled views of the flames. Naturally, they all utilise efficient combustion technology to make sure you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

We have an extensive range of Stovax fires on display if you are interested in a Gazco fire or would like more information about the possibilities available to you? Call into our Showroom where one of our advisors will be more than happy to assist you or contact us.