Gazco, as the sister company of Stovax, is one half of one of the leading manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces and fires in Europe.

Based in the United Kingdom, the company was originally formed in 1988 to develop and produce the gas-fired versions of stoves manufactured by Stovax, and works closely with its sister company to develop the range of stoves and fireplaces available.


Leading Fireplace Technologies

Gazco has led the way in developing new ranges, furthering the advancement of technology in the fireplace and stove industry, and becoming key distributors for a wide range of brands and ranges across the UK and Republic of Ireland. In recent years, the company has announced its intention to futureproof the business and invest in green technology. In 2018, Gazco invested in and opened a brand new production facility, equipped with advanced state-of-the-art computerised tooling and doubling the size of its metal shop, hugely increasing its production capacity. Gazco are making constant developments and advancements with the design of highly efficient gas technology and high-realism electric fires. The company hopes to retain its position at the very forefront of the stove and fireplace industry.

Using and developing new technology has always been at the forefront of their approach to business. In 1993, Gazco led the market in introducing remote controls on to gas fires, becoming the first company in the UK to launch such a product, and adding them to their wide range of fires and stoves. Furthermore, they were revolutionary in introducing VeriFlame technology, allowing customisation of realistic fire effects for your electric stove. With a remote control allowing you to adjust the brightness and colour of the flames and fuel bed, you can produce the exact effect you are searching for, providing customisable ambiences for your electric stove. Technological advancement will always be at the centre for Gazco.


Gazco Stoves & Fires

Through purchasing a Gazco stove or fire, you give yourself access to a wide and varied range of products. Each providing highly realistic fire effects, the Riva2 and Reflex ranges would be a fantastic choice for your stove, while the Skope range elevates the market to a new level with ChromaLight Immersive LED system.

For decades now, Gazco has established and maintained its position as a market leader in electric stoves, fires and fireplaces. With a focus on the future and increasingly efficient technology, they show no sign of relinquishing their status any time soon.

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