Dru Fires

Started in 1754, DRU Fires started as a simple factory, making pots and pans. These days they're one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands! Since the 1960s DRU Fires have made gas heating appliances and now work in 3 countries across Europe, including the UK. In 1975, DRU Fires opened their first UK distributor in Manchester, supplying gas fires and wood stoves across the country.


The Designers

They work with a range of designers who have created products that compliment a range of interior designs, from modern and sleek, to an antique-style. Designers include Josef Aspinall, Jeroen van Dijk, Roy Bertholet, Dik Geurts and Kees Marcelis. Dik Geurts specialises in wood stoves, providing a traditional heating appliance to a range of interior designs and homes. Whereas Josef Aspinall is constantly looking for new technology and design techniques to update stoves, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly while still heating your home.

Gas & Woodburning Fires

Including their DRU brand, there are a number of other product ranges, including Global, Dik Geurts, Spartherm and Green Design. Every brand has unique features included in their products to suit your needs. Green Designs has been developed by DRU and Dik Geurts to also heat water and reduce your bills. But they don't sacrifice looks for sustainability! They've all been designed by professionals who want your home to look and feel great. Global offers gas fires in a range of designs, including hole-in-the-wall, 2 and 3-sided and freestanding versions. These systems can be installed with or without traditional chimneys, meaning there are flexible options when choosing your new gas fire.


Ebios Fires

Their Ebios-Fire range can be installed anywhere in private homes, or commercial locations such as restaurants and hotels. They're also run with renewable bioethanol, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for any build. They can also make it a part of any new design and build as they're freestanding and don't need a traditional chimney without releasing harmful emissions.

Technology and Innovations

DRU Fires have led the way in innovative technology. The Eco Wave app can be downloaded onto a range of phones and tablets to control the size and intensity of flames in your fires. This gives you better control over your home's heating, while saving up to 50% of gas consumption.

The new Powervent system means a gas fire can be installed anywhere in your home or commercial build without a chimney or releasing harmful emissions.


We have an extensive range of Dru fires on display, if you are interested in a Dru fire or would like more information about the possibilities available to you? Call into our Showroom where one of our advisors will be more than happy to assist you or contact us.