Bio-Ethanol Fires

Bio-Ethanol fires don't require a chimney or flu so are great option for new builds or those places where it is not possible to construct a chimney or flu. Running on bio-ethanol or ethanol it created only a small amount of co2 and water vapor whilst burning resulting in a clean combustion without smoke, soot or unpleasant smells.

A renewable energy sauce created from fermenting sugar and starch from organic matter resulting in an alcohol-based liquid of which the vapor is ignited when lit.


Spartherm Fires

Clean, efficient, green heating solutions from From Spartherm with Ebios Fires. A carbon neutral fuel source in which 100% of the heat generated is kept indoors as no chimney or flue is required. Along with indoor solutions an outdoor heating solution with their neat freestanding fires is also available.

With patented wic technology Ebios Fires are safe to burn with deflagration-free ignition considered to be one of the safest bio-ethanol burners on the market. Pressure tested according to the burner size with fuel level indicators and a sealed tank to prevent spillages combined with an automatic cut off .


If you are interested in a bio-ethanol fire or would like more information about the possibilities available to you? Call into our Showroom where one of our advisors will be more than happy to assist you or contact us.